Angelo Harmsworth - Blush.png

Angelo Harmsworth - Blush

by Angelo Harmsworth

Angelo Harmsworth follows up his Lime Lodge LP Cerrillos Disco with Phinery’s vinyl debut, Blush.

Organized into two triptychs, each piece has been sculpted with harmonic swells and feedback, distorted and attenuated to a place of precarious fragility. Appearing simultaneously gentle and overwhelming, Blush carries the shivering heat of an unwanted reveal, the still shock immediacy of an absent other made present by their lingering scent.

Contained by an overarching sensuality, Harmsworth’s compositions leave marks of repression and exposure; a rush of blood to the face, or the momentary blindness as a shirt is pulled over the head.

Video for Blossom I

"In a relatively short amount of time, Angelo Harmsworth has amassed a modest but impressive discography of beautifully unnerving, polished-yet-lo-fi drone music. Highlighted best on Silent Orgasm (Bathetic, 2012), Fluxus Rainbow (Patient Sounds, 2014), and Cerrillos Discos (released on his own Lime Lodge imprint last year), the Santa Fe-based musician effortlessly mixes the sinister with the serene. Harmsworth now returns with Blush, the first vinyl edition released by Denmark-based cassette imprint Phinery. "Blossom I" unveils the first taste of the LP with an austere drift of slightly serrated tones. Harmsworth's take on no-frills drone music carries the baton last held by the fringe imprints Ekhein or Phaserprone, eschewing unnecessary frills for more minimal, intimate presentation. The song's video, directed by Jenny Sundby, follows some anonymous protagonist in a variety of waking lives. Sundby compliments the random, vulnerable but natural motions with low-key meditations on light peeking through a window shade, perfectly capturing the song's vaguely hermetic feeling."



Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico between September 2014 and December of 2015.

Photography by Aaron McElroy