Angelo Harmsworth

Who are you and what do you do?

Angelo Harmsworth from the southwest of the United States - I keep going and will continue to keep going

How would you describe your sound?

The glory of a low-watt light bulb

How did you get into making music?

I got an electric guitar when I was 4 years old & my parents would dance naked while I played the bongos.

What inspires you?

There’s brilliance everywhere, it depends where I am looking. The wild beast of the Internet helps keep a constant stream of ideas and images coming. It also helps having a few close friends for recognition and camaraderie. I owe a lot to a lot of different people, but in an Art way, Christian Filardo and Brian Walker have been of huge help and inspiration - some things the Internet can’t teach. 

Name some bands/artists you would like to be compared to.

I’d like to be compared to people who are good. Judgement is natural, but I’d rather be associated than compared. 


Fluxus Rainbow is out now via Patient sounds - buy the cassette here.