Annu Kil

Who are you and what do you do?

I a Finnish born illustrator living and working in London

What inspires you?

So so many things, just waking up and seeing things in the current daylight. Being impulsive and also doing the same old things and finding new ways to look at them. All kinds of people, how they dance, eat, look at each other and how we all got couple of different personalities. Nature is one of my main inspirations. I grew up in Finnish countryside and used to just hang in the forest by myself. I gave names to trees and rocks and once I cut a massive chunk of my hair because I had to get ‘horsehair’ to prove my mom I had met a horse in the forest, she wasn’t too impressed.. 

What themes do you pursue?

Nature, people. Patterns.. I usually deal with little personal things that are happening in my life; quotes I have heard or some interesting details I have seen. Most of all things that have made me smile or things that bother me. I write a lot of things down and flick through my notebook to combine ideas and thoughts later on in my work.

Why art?

I didn’t think I would end up doing art. It did not seem like a ‘real’ profession in my little hometown. Though my childhood dream of becoming a make up artist for a travelling circus wasn’t that much of ‘real’ profession either so I guess my parents saw it coming. I think it is because I get so inspired every time I think of painting. Also every time I look at a finished work I feel amazing for five minutes then I got so many better things to paint in my head I feel anxious and inspired and start thinking of the next thing to do. It is a great roller coaster that just seems to have bigger loops as I go along.

Name some artists you would like to be compared to.

For this one I have to quote Arno Rafael Minkkinens ‘Helsinki Bus Theory’. ( 

I agree and I am staying on the bus and hopefully regaining from my route.