Daniel Everett

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Daniel Everett. I'm an artist and professor. I make images, objects, and videos - all with varying degrees of success. 


What inspires you?

Urgency. Fluorescent lighting. The inclination to write manifestoes. Nondescript architecture. Street Fighter.


What themes do you pursue?

I feel like my work is a break up letter with modernism, although a part of me hopes modernism will take me back and start keeping its promises.

I attempt to court an office supply store aesthetic.


Why art?

My sister always told me that one day she would go and live deliberately. I've been looking to get a head start.


Name some of your favourite artists.

Anne Truitt, Fra Angelico, Albert Ringer-Patzsch, Lynne Cohen, Bechers, Robert Ryman