Jane Kim

The floor of my studio is covered with piles of miscellaneous objects, including: found scraps of colored paper, piñatas, bouquets of fake flowers, birthday party decorations, crayons, beads, foam peanuts, Barbie doll legs, colorful pieces of plastic, tubes of acrylic paint, and trash. 

I'll typically begin a piece by squirting a glob of paint onto a surface and then moving it around with either a brush or my fingertips. Once I get to a point where the paint alone doesn't feel like it's "enough", I'll dig through these piles of miscellaneous items until I find something that speaks to me or that I think could work with the painting I have started. 

In my painting titled "Karma", the tag which reads "KARMA" is actually a tag from a new pair of underwear I had purchased from Target earlier that day.