Justyn Hegreberg

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Justyn Hegreberg. I eat too many pastries and buy more books than I read.  I ride my bike everywhere, and sometimes that means 30 miles in a day. I make small objects with paint, photographs and found materials. 

What inspires you?

Enormous rock formations, tide pools, invertebrates, fish, succulents, hamsters, birds at the feeder, integrity, sincerity, things I don't understand and thoughtfully chosen words.

What themes do you pursue?

I am interested in creating quiet disruptions, breaks in the noise of life and daily thought. To allow space for one to pause and step outside ones self to follow the material trajectory of another person. I would like my pieces to read like a path that one can follow. I want to create a question that one can chose to pick up or put down. Some thing to come back to. A conversation. 

Why art? 

There is the really simple answer: because I enjoy it. While I believe entirely that this is sufficient it hasn't prevented me giving the subject more thought. I feel like art is an intermediary. A means through which I learn about myself and the world. Sometimes I wonder if the best art, like the best revenge, is a well lived life.

Name some artists you would like to be compared to.

While I have certainly been influenced by many I wouldn't want to create a self fulfilling prophecy.