Kasia Fudakowski

When you're planning a new piece, do you have a set idea on the outcome, or do you let the materials guide/inspire you?

Sometimes a piece will come stomping through my head, with all it's angles and surfaces easily translatable into a 3D program sketch, and will rumble all the way through to 'completion'. But that rarely happens, and when it does the result is never satisfying for long. I've learnt that failure is the essential ingredient to the process. There needs to be a moment when the idea, or the form, or the materials fall apart, or dissolve, or destroy one another, and then only from the struggle to rebuild and reconcile does something interesting come out. It's important to allow the forces from outside my head and my control to have their way with the thing as well.

Is your work political?

Yes, but so is everything. I guess, in a sense I have made my most political work recently which was a film titled 'A Show trial' https://vimeo.com/62439697

which plays with a system of fallacies determining a fictional legal system, but I think most of my work is a nudge or a poke in some direction. At least I hope it is.

Who/what is "they" and "it" in your works from spring 2009?

The whole series; 'That's how they're grown', 'That's how it's leaked', 'That's how they're harvested' and 'That's how it's delivered', was referring to the wikipeadia age where everyone is an expert but where knowledge comes in the form of droplets, not a steady stream. These 'pearls' of wisdom seem to appear from nowhere, they're stream is cut off, alluding to the ability we now have to do a quick search for a 'result' which we can easily swallow without knowing the background. I can confide to you, however, that theinitial motivation when starting this series was a reaction to the 'cruelty' I perceived in the farming and harvesting of white asparagus in Germany.... a slightly tongue in cheek poke at torture in agriculture. 

how important are the titles in understanding your work?

For a long time I was uncomfortable titling my work because I believed that it was mixing two different languages that would cancel each other out, but i came to realise that titles can be very useful in presenting another foothold in order to direct a viewer, or spin a viewer around, towards a kind of punch line. I've come to use the space between the object and the title as the place where a joke type structure exists. A kind of pull back and reveal, or a negation of the obvious, or false logic to flip the object over again.

Any thoughts on art/the art-world in general?

Yes, mostly dark unrepeatable mumblings.