Kristian Devantier

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kristian Devantier and I am a visual artist. I went to the royal Danish academy of fine arts from 1994-2000.

What inspires you?

Travelling, everyday life - like going to the store with my girlfriend, listening to music and watching movies and series e.g. ‘The Wire’

What themes do you pursue?

My idiom/mode of expression is through painting simple faceless figures. Portraying boy-girl and man-woman relations. Areas of colour that create a playful and childlike expression. The figures are more like children than they are grown-up.

For many years I have worked consistently with a restricted expression where focus is on colour, surface and the story. My way of expression is characterized by faceless figures, whether it be in my paintings, drawings, graphics, collages or sculptures. The reason is that one is invited to step into the story, to see yourself or someone you know in the situations that I portray.

The style of my pictures might be called naïve, but that makes my pictures and their story more open.

Humour is also an important theme in my pictures, that along with the big emotions blend in with everyday life.

I have begun painting in multiple layers and using more details in my pictures, this creates a new kind of depth  and it will take the spectator longer to see through the motif(s).

Why art?

It derives from my reading a comic strip called ‘Los Profesionales’ (‘the professionals) by Carlos Gimenez, which was about a drawing office making comic strips. I thought to myself that I wanted to do that, so I started drawing my own comic strips. It started out with stick figures and evolved to painting today – it is through this I express myself best.

Which artists would you like to be compared to?

The artists who have put their personal impression on the history of art.