Lindsay Dobbin aka. Broken Deer

Who are you?
I am Lindsay Dobbin. Presently, I live and work in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, Canada, although I just moved back to the East Coast after
spending a significant amount of time in a-now-home-to-me, the Yukon
Territories. I’m an artist and musician whose practice includes music,
sound art, dreaming, shamanic drumming, writing and film. My work
often explores personal mythology, (re)connection to nature,
transformation, wonder, play, ritual and (interspecies) communication.
Broken Deer is one of my musical projects.

How would you describe your sound?
Broken Deer is a mixture of music and sound art. They're songs placed
in varying sonic environments, interpreted through the lens of lo-fi
recording. Broken Deer explores memory, texture, distance,
communication, landscape and unearthing personal stories.

I have also recently begun to explore making music for the purpose of
deep listening, journeying and healing. These are longer, subtly
evolving pieces that aren't lo-fi, but have a similar aim as Broken
Deer, which is to create a sense of environment and space.

Here's an example:

How did you get into making music?
I've always been interested in sound. I used to pretend to host radio
shows in my bedroom as a child, recording my voice, songs from my
record player and environmental sounds on my tape player. I would
spend hours doing this and listening back. I loved how the tape
interpreted what was happening in my room -- some sounds barely
audible and others so loud they're blown out. From that early
interest, it was a natural progression to begin writing and recording
my own songs. I love working with tape, because there's such a sense
of mystery in it. I never can predict how sound will be interpreted.

What inspires you?
Nature (natural sounds), old recordings, shamanism and shamanic
drumming, tapes, whale songs, communication, plants and animals, exploring
new environments (both internal and external), my amazing artist and
musician friends, images (my music is very visual to me) and my
dreams. Dreams have become a huge part of my creative process, and
most of my songs these days are based on actual dreams I had.

Name some musicians/bands you would like to be compared to.

I'll leave the comparisons up to others.