Mia Christopher

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mia. I live in San Francisco and I am an artist. I also work at an after school program where I advocate for super awesome kids and do my best to make them feel heard and significant. 

What inspires you?

Finding treasures in garbage on the sidewalk, creatures, walking/seeing/listening, pink flowers, over the top sugary delights, personal remnants of my adolescence, anger, candy wrappers, pop culture, compromise, watching my friends see projects through to completion, shiny things, deliberate actions, communication, sad songs.

What themes do you pursue?

My interests are widespread. Lately I have focused on material investigation, heavily relying on intuition for decision making and leaving room for accident and experimentation. My practice and my life are not separate, and I am constantly taking note of what interests me and why that may be the case. Deep obsession, collecting, documenting, holding on, intense care, memory, loyalty, facades- these are some themes that fascinate me and that I explore in my work. I think that in a lot of ways my work is deceptive, and I am aware that some people only access the surface level. That is ok, and I appreciate receiving vastly different responses from different audiences. When I am made aware of someone accessing my work in a multidimensional capacity, it’s very exciting. I am still consistently growing into my practice, which will continue to shift and grow and fluctuate as long as I am around. Nothing remains the same, and nothing ever really goes away.

Why art?

Art because I have to.

Name some artists you would like to be compared to.

I relate to many different types of artists on all sorts of levels, but I’m not sure what the benefits are of comparing artists to one another. Aside from giving a context to something, which can be useful in a dialogue.