Nichole van Beek

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m an artist and I teach ESL at Pratt.  So, mostly I go to my studio, make some stuff, go to work, plan classes, try to help people communicate, go to art shows, hang out with friends, and go to the beach as much as possible. I also play the ukulele, but not very well.  I live and work in Brooklyn.

Who/what inspires you?

I’m always inspired by my friends. I won’t try to name them because inevitably I’ll leave somebody important off the list, but you know who you are. I keep a log of things that I see in life or online that are important to me as an artist:
Nature is important too, but it’s backgrounded in NYC so I’ve got to get out occasionally to get a healthy dose of trees and wildlife. 

What themes do you pursue?

Color and composition rigging, the location of ideas, the way things feel, linguistic architecture, the meaning of pattern, personal protests.  

Why art?

I fell in it and couldn’t get out. To be fair, I didn’t try very hard because it’s a good hole.

Name some artists you would like to be compared to.

This is a tricky question.  I think about certain artists in relation to my work, but I don’t know if I necessarily have a preference for who to be compared to.