Nicolás Lamas

Artist statement

My work derives from the interest and mistrust in constructed perceptions, which are considered to belong to a “natural order” and constantly build our notion of truth through a systematized knowledge. Most of my questioning focuses on examining the models associated with scientific research and the constant pursuit of order, measure, and control of the laws that govern the perceptible world. Through different guidelines, I analyze the relationship established between knowledge and power, and how that bond ideologically determines the way we perceive, interpret, and interact with our environment. I am interested in the search for the gaps and cracks generated in specific relations between representation systems and the notion of an objective and indisputable reality. In order to exemplify the perceived inconsistencies, I carefully manipulate images, texts, sounds and other elements that are associated with capturing,  interpreting and transmitting information. Through this, I attempt to somehow put into evidence relativity, malleability, and the level of indetermination in all of which we attempt to comprehend by trying to search for an objective and definite truth.