Patient Sounds

What inspired you to make a record label?

Growing up aspiring to make and release mine and my friends music lead directly to me realizing I aspired to run a record label. It was a pretty immediate connection, realizing people run small labels as a teenager and suddenly having my aspirations appear before me.

How do you find/chose your artists?

Generally the artists are friends, or friends of friends. We have released several titles from demo submissions. Sometimes I scour bandcamp late and night and email artists whose work I find. It all really depends. We try to keep it organic, and personable.

Who is in charge of your artwork?

I generally do all the layout and graphic design, but we leave many options open to the artists or ask them to supply an image or design element for their release. My fiance runs a design studio, Bonnie & Caprice, so she overseas my layout, but generally I have my hand in the design process.

Would you ever consider repressing should out releases?

NO! We don't discourage other labels repressing their releases, but we personally feel a limited edition object created in a small batch is more along the lines of what we want to accomplish. Represses are great, because more people can own the tape, but we aren't out to facilitate everyone owning a release, we want devoted fans and collectors to have our releases.

Name some other labels you find inspiring.

Orange Milk
Bathetic Records
Noumenal Loom
Scissor Tail Editions
Orchid Tapes
Takoma Records
Obscure Records