Price Bullington

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a creator, I create.

Who/what inspires you?

Excellence. Nothing inspires me more than seeing other people doing something succesfully. Right now I'm really into the show True Detective. I think it's a masterpiece. So I try to absorb everything about it. The creator Nic Pizzolatto spend 30 years polishing his craft, evovling his style before he got his breakthrough. Now the world is richer because of his disciplin and dedication.

My inspiration comes from all sources. I spend every day, and have so for many years, devouring movies, looking at art, listening to music, living life, taking risks, learning all the time. It's 24/7. I've dedicated my life to art. I get inspired from every aspect of life, art, science, philosophy. Everything is connected. I don't think there's any magic bullets, only hard work and dedication. The sooner one realizes this on a deep level, the sooner one can start getting down to business, and start getting something meaningful done.

What themes do you pursue?

Expressionism. I try to fill myself up with emotion and knowledge, and then I try to infuse that emotion and knowledge into my work. I enjoy extremes the most. I think the juxtaposition of both ends of the pendulum is very interresting. That's why I sometimes create very complex works, and sometimes create very simple works. Theres really not a lot of middle ground in my life. Either I'm rocking on top of the world, or so deep in quicksand I can barely breathe. My art is a reflection of my life and philosophy. 

I also like to balance between the abstract and figurative. Dreams and reality.

Why art?

I believe there's two types of people. Critics and creators. We all start out creators, children create art instinctually. Then as life goes on, it tears us down, and we slowly but surely become more jaded and cynical. Every day the media is shoving the seven deadly sins down our throats. It's impossible not to be affected. I got tired of being a couch critic, and decided to try to peel the layers of my exsistence and ego. I wanted to get back to the essence. The joy of life. That childish playfulness we all start out with.

Art transcends language, it's a way of communicating on another level. It's vital to our exsistence. Art is the language of feelings. It's a way out of the existential rut. Art have the ability to turn dreams into reality. If we manage to avoid some egomaniac pressing the red-button, art will be the center of human existence in the next step of evolution. At least that's what I hope. Who the fuck knows anything about the future? It's a guessing game.

What can we expect of you in the future?

As I said earlier I've dedicated my life to creation. I spend 2012 starting my first company, I put all my money into it, and then I ended up shutting it down in order to focus on my art. Because of that I haven't made any money in 2 years, and due to my financial situation I've only had my mind and computer to work with. When I get into better shape financially, you'll start seeing me excute some of the more expensive ideas I have. Sculptures, paintings etc. I got a lot of ideas. What you see in my portfolio now is only the beginning.

Why gold?

Throughout history all the way back to ancient Rome's takeover of Las Médulas, their most important gold source in ancient spain, and most recently the goldrush in California, gold have caused sepration and alienation of the native cultures. 

Today I use technology to create gold, because I feel technology is gold. It helps connect the world, not seprate us, but bring us closer. Technology have blessed us all with the midas touch.

What I'm doing is using it to create my own mythology, a reflection of our times, through my eyes. I try to create an idealistic narrative in opposition to the very negativity bias exploitive 24 hour page-view journalism news cycle, that I feel is poisioning our young minds. It's my own hero's journey, I'm fighting dragons, demons, dodging temptations and all that jazz while documenting the process in my art.

Name some artists you would like to be compared to.

I'm not interested in comparing myself to anyone, I know I stand on the back of giants, but I'm still trying to create my own legacy.