Shelter Press

What inspired you to start a publishing company?



Bartolome used to run Kaugummi Books and we wanted to make it shape shift through the making of zines and cassettes like before but also books and vinyls


we were inspired by the town of Bolinas in California where Llyod Khan created DIY guides in the 70's to learn how to construct domes and shelters

we decided to use this concept as a metaphor for our ethics and goals

How do you find/chose your artists?

we work with a kind of restrained pool of musicians and artists that fits our likes and wonders: it's i think completly subjective, but I can say that we like, if possible, to meet, even briefly if it's during a music show, the people in real before working with them, it's a good way to "feel" the project and the soul of each person.

Do you always agree on what to publish?

Yes. We are both big fans of each artist we will release.

Our two next records are Chicaloyoh, a wonderful girl from Normandy's sea shore and Evan Cammiitti, one of the two Barn Owl's member from San Francisco, we are very excited about this project too!

Our new book will be the first monography by the french photographer Estelle Hanania, called Glacial Jubilee, a full color book of her photographs about east european pagan rites. We are also very proud of this release, our first "real" photography book!

Why do you make "limited editions" of your publications? Have you ever considered repressing/reprinting your most popular books/LP's?

sometimes we can do it, for exemple for the Twenties Are Gone, poetry  book, there was first an edition of 50 and then 700. 

There is no rule. It;s just that we try to publish the good amount of copies, enough to be found, but spare enough to be beautiful and precise.

Who is in charge of the artwork on your LP's?

Bartolome does the graphic design and the identity of Shelter Press, and then for the artwork itself, it depends, sometimes the musician propose something special, sometimes we suggest someting.

We try to stay very focus on our esthetic while listening also to the musician's wishes.