Turmeric Magnitudes

What inspired you to make a record label?

I have been co-running a label called Donkey Disk for half a dozen years and found myself in a position where I wasn't quite able to do the things I wanted to such as getting music out very rapidly and having an eclectic roster unified by a lo-fi/organic aesthetic.  I had to surmount the obstacle of having never done visual art/packaging before (the other guy involved in Donkey Disk did almost all of the packaging for that label and set the bar pretty high).  Integrating the logistics of running a label has provided me with something productive and (frequently) inspiring to do when I'm not making the music; it seems almost essential to my working methodology at this stage, like the jelly to my peanut butter, you know?

How do you find/chose your artists?

My own projects and collaborations constitute 95% of the label roster at present, for better or worse.  The remainder is split between friends' music that I like or total strangers that crossed paths with me somehow.  The two strangers I've released (dusa and Riotmeadows) since I started the label in June have done quite well; their sounds have expanded and influenced the label's palette considerably.  This year, my goals are to release more non-music such as very bizarre field recordings/found sounds/spoken word/conceptual/very quiet recordings; add a few psych folk artists to the roster; add more brutal, earsplitting harsh noise to the roster; and curate a compilation or two, probably of field/wtf type stuff.

Who is in charge of your artwork?

i've done the artwork so far, although a few releases have been collaborative efforts such as the split with Fslux and the Hey Exit insert.  I really enjoy doing the visuals having warmed up to it after finding a process that suited me.

Would you ever consider repressing sold out releases?

Sure.  The label works roughly as a print on demand label, so I put things out as they are finished without stating a quantity.  I may do 1-50 copies of any particular tape.  Strict quantity limitations and numbered releases are not appealing to me--I'm not trying to create products or collector's items, just offer tapes cheaply for people who prefer to listen on a ghettoblaster or walkman rather than on their computer or device.  Some releases I do are more popular than others, so this enables me to produce only as is desired but still have everything start out on equal footing and find exposure via downloads and streams.  This label happens to be a bit weird and cryptic, not much artist/release info, so bringing things in and out of print seems fitting, although it probably won't make it the next Hanson or RRR any time soon.

Name some other labels you find inspiring.


A Soundesign


Diatom Bath

Windham Hill
...and countless others