Will Kendrick

 Who are you?

I am a Blackpool born, Bristol based artist, working across several mediums. 

What kind of music do you listen to when you work?

Nirvana is always the band that I come back to time and time again but I guess i'm into
a lot of guitar music like Metallica, Led Zepplin, Radiohead and The Pixies.
I don't really listen to music when I work as I'm often editing video but when I do it would be bands like that or people like Bjork, The Knife, Fever Ray. I share a studio 
with other artist and I like to be introduced to new stuff too so I often leave the 
music selection to them.  

What inspires you?

The city, the internet, great movies (mainly sci fi) and video games have always been an inspiration. I spend a lot of time going out and seeing work too; mainly in Bristol
at Spike Island, The Arnolfini or Motorcade/Flashparade. I also take a lot of inspiration
from the guys I work with on our collaborative project MadeScapes ^.

What themes do you pursue?

The work talks about ideas surrounding the blurring of lines, not only between 
traditional fine art mediums but also between design, fashion, cinema and 
other cultural production methods of the current digital world. Subject matter 
often includes historical, archaeological and digital artifacts 
which reference the collapse of time experienced in the age of the internet. 
The works' diverse and eclectic appearance reflects the wide spectrum of human 
endeavour in our hyper-saturated, globally connected experience. From the ridiculous 
to the incredible; these works ask questions of the weight and hierarchical values we 
impose on these pursuits and whether they are all equally as futile or pragmatic as each other, in terms of the collective organism that we call human life. 

Name some of your favorite artists. 

David Batchelor, Steven Claydon, Matthew Day Jackson, Camilla Low, Jon Rafman