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Λ°C / крови - Chaise

by Λ°C / крови

Nashville-based musician and painter Λ°C dwells in the area between specificity and a broader artistic sense of experimentation. Her work in both mediums exhibits a wild and cathartic release of emotion and rational/irrational thought—she connects with her audience on an academic level as well as a distinctly empathetic one. For fellow Nashville producer KROVI, the gift of thought through rhythmic interpretation is just as important as the gossamer vocal melodies and skip-start beats that wander throughout his work. For all the times when their individual approaches to the creation of music seems like they come from opposite ends of the experimental spectrum, the reality is that their music and its dense hyper-pop elasticity simply function on different levels of the same wavelength. 

On their new collaborative effort, Chaise, Λ°C and KROVI blend a dense amalgam of electro-pop and darkwave-influenced synth noise with their own inimitable sense of musical exploration to form a collection of songs as variable and complicated as they are difficult to characterize and pull apart. Buoyed by mechanical rhythms, chromatic melodies and a joyously synthetic heartbeat, these two nimble-fingered musicians create detail and minutiae from a broad electronic palette. Their attention to even the smallest fragment of sound reveals a level of dedication and aspiration that few artists manage to display and fewer still manage to understand.