Iconographs - Moon Gallery

by Iconographs

The music of dense noise synthesists Iconographs invades your head, scattering bursts of static-y melodies and electronic transmissions in every direction. Their latest offering Moon Gallery buzzes with a droning synth heartbeat—its landscape a jarring collection of pockmarked drones and a cacophony of amp reducing eruptions that will leave your senses overloaded and in a state of odd euphoria. Despite the cascading layers of sound, there’s never a sense that Iconographs feel the need to empty their reserves in one frayed circuital charge. 

Moon Gallery presents the band as something other than your usual hissing electronics-obsessed outfit. Their sound is much more conducive to interpretation and introspection than many of their synth and drone peers. By playing with our expectations of artists who feel their way through a certain impenetrable wave of noise and melody, the work of Iconographs appears far more restless and stylized than might be expected. Their unique and transfixing perspective on this occasionally repetitive aesthetic proves its viability while establishing the band as one of its foremost architects.