PH015 Takahiro Mukai - 1409-1

by Takahiro Mukai

1409-1 is a collection of 6 minimal compositions by Japanese artist Takahiro Mukai. Slow and hypnotic acid techno - lovingly put together for your listening pleasure.


released 22 December 2014 

Recorded in Osaka, Japan 2014 
Artwork by adam Shield 


“1409-1″ (ph015), a six-cut fizzling feast, is a straight up necessity. Japanese sound sculptor Takahiro Mukaitrots out surface after surface of tiny, concentrated buzzes, loops, and electronic taunts, nonchalantly simulating a world taken over by minicomputers and microchips. Some tracks find Takahiro spilling sounds at random, while other beat-involved jams come across as more prepared. Both styles are insane, so grip before all 50 copies are spoken for."

-Tabs Out

  • 6:54
    Takahiro Mukai
  • 4:48
    Takahiro Mukai
  • 4:12
    Takahiro Mukai
  • 5:44
    Takahiro Mukai
  • 6:39
    Takahiro Mukai
  • 4:26
    Takahiro Mukai