PH020 Brandon Hurtado - Other Spaces

by Brandon Hurtado

Brandon Hurtado started recording Other Spaces in August 2014. At the time a lot was changing, and finally the stress and anxiety caught up with him. Brandon decided to channel those feelings through music, to let the ghosts move through him. In order to communicate through these new sounds, he stopped seeing his friends and shut himself indoors completely. 

“I remember places more than specific events or people - sometimes these places pop up randomly, instead of fully formed memories. There are moments when I'll remember a place, and nothing else - not the people or the time or the event itself; just the environment. I hope that these spaces can be found in this album. Overall it's darker than the last album (as often happens), and much closer to the skin.” 

- Brandon Hurtado


released 16 February 2015 

Recorded in 2014, at Brookhaven. 
All sounds by Brandon Hurtado

(...)Other Spaces is the result, and it’s a record that will keep you safe and snug. You can feel the trouble ebb away as it leaves the body. Permanently or temporarily, only time will tell. But music is a medication, and a therapy of the purest kind. “Black Circles” opens with a dusty, dry guitar, and its splayed notes stream idyllically into the soothing “Clavicle”, where the lakeside, diluted notes are left to hide in the sound, buried as if under an avalanche of autumn leaves. The aquatic tones lie half submerged in their watery sound, like a bridge of branches delicately traversing a small stream. The scratchy voices are almost erased as the ambient-drone drips over them, and then they’re blotted out easily by the sound; the stressful conversations give way to disconsolate prayers, sent to a deity who may or may not be listening.(...)

-A Closer Listen

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