PH021 Christian Michael Filardo - Turismo

by Christian Michael Filardo

I’ve been thinking about tourism for the past two years and how they relate to my artistic output and upbringing in the tourist town of Sedona, Arizona. In the not so distant past I received a video message from my talented friend and artist Bucky Miller. The video was of a crumpled space blanket on a pedestal slowly unfolding. I was fascinated at how looking at an object as if it is foreign in a documentary way can change ones perspective of the object. My album “Turismo” explores that visual landscape with audio. Essentially, the album is entirely about seeing and how changing the way we see alters our perception. Think of Turismo as a soundtrack for looking. Look at an object and imagine it in another context, with different eyes, while listening to this record. What will you see? 

-Christian Michael Filardo


released 17 February 2015 

"Turismo" was written, performed and engineered by Christian Michael Filardo in fall months of 2014. 

Artwork by Peter Shear