AdHoc x Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman

On their second collaborative work, producers and multi-instrumentalists Andrew Weathers and Seth Chrisman craft a billowing, atmospheric suite for synthesizers and driftwood. Like Louellathis c20 on the Danish Phinery Tapes is a relaxed and wandering exploration of ambient arpeggios and textural field recordings. Although Ever Steady doesn't contain the skilled inflections of Americana drone that Weathers loves to explore in his work, the tape is very much inseperable from the West Coast, and the sprawling national parks that set the backdrop for these two composers. Both Chrisman and Weathers draw heavily from the environment and from nature for inspiration, which gives their digital soundscapes and electroacoustic improvisations an eerily natural quality, like an abandoned ranger outpost that has remained in a forest long enough to earn a place in its history. Weathers' label, Full Spectrum Records, often releases works of experimental folk and country, such as Chrisman's distinctly rural homage to good 'ole Upstate New York, Olivebridge. In this instance, the pair convey Point Reyes National Seashore, in California. A physical artifact from their session finds its way into "Bishop Pine," giving the work an essential sense of place.