Nooga x Innertravels

Ambient music is a difficult thing to do well and involves a great deal more care and intuitiveness than most people give it credit for. There's so much room for the artist to simply connect a few filaments of sound together and call it ambient without ever realizing the enormous opportunities that exist within the genre. Thankfully, musicians like Inner Travels understand the complexities and detail-driven dexterity of ambient music and develop their sounds accordingly. Know for his minimal but emotional compositions, Inner Travels uses simple rhythms and tones to create works of breathtaking beauty from simple origins.

On his latest record, "Bakasyiong," he fashions a graceful and crystalline collection of tracks that ebb and flow in an amorphous synth procession. The tracks are wisps of movement, barely registering at times before passing by. But each one is more than just a passing pattern written temporarily in the air. These songs inhabit a complex and intricate environment of motion and possess a subtle but determined identity. You could easily lose copious amounts of time just lazing about on these rhythms—they're relaxing but maintain a continuous direction and perspective. And for ambient music, that's a difficult and rare thing to accomplish.