The Quietus x Spool's Out - The Hydra

I really can’t get enough of Dimitris Papadatos’ music since stumbling across his Jay Glass Dubsproject last year and including it in the Spool’s Out best of 2015 list. Papadatos seems to be something of a musical polyglot, with several extremely distinct musical projects under his belt, including a singer-songwriter project called KU. The Hydra however, is something more akin to the trippy instrumental sonics of Jay Glass Dubs, albeit far more open-ended and less indebted to Jah. The Morals album out on Nutty Wombat in Papadatos’ home city of Athens constitutes vast realisations of scattered dusty instrumental landscapes. We wander over a ground littered with synthetic drones, clambering over bountiful mountain ranges of queasy drum machine programming and squelchy samples. The vastness of the productions lends something narrative to both tapes, with the even longer form tracks on the Phinery-released Soft Minerals getting even more widescreen, more cinematic, and more scary. The 13 minutes of ‘Ready For This’ resemble a bastard child of György Ligeti and Muslimgauze, smashing ungodly atonality into industrial techno frameworks, while ‘The Secret Violence’ spends 17 minutes flying through the most unnerving cosmic voids since Klaus Schulze’s Cyborg. Noisy drum and bass even makes a showing in the sickening mix of crunched samples and overdriven pads that is ‘A Minstrel Captive’. A unique and bizarre new voice.

- Tristan Bath