Critical Masses review - XLVIII

It’s almost impossible to Google “Hollowfonts” and come up with anything useful. All I get are a bunch of hits on actual hollow fonts, as helpful to me for writing this review as a hammer or an orange. I mean, have you seen this blog? What do you think, I’m gonna start typesetting the shit out of all my reviews? I’m barely html literate, and that’s a stretch. I’m a writer, not a visual artist. You can take your Tubular, your Bablyon5 (although, nice), or your Milford and cram ’em. I’m going to stick to good old Times New Roman, or whatever font WordPress ends up processing this to.

But who cares, right? Here at Quick Trips, we’re not hanging on to that type of everyday minutiae, because there are galaxies and ocean depths and vastnesses too weird to describe just waiting to be explored, son! And how better to accompany your imagination of those places than with the most tripped-out ambient drone you can get your hands on? That’s right, this is the best way – with headphones and Phinery. The nascent Danish label’s just unleashed their first batch of tapes ever (back in May, but are you really going to fault me for being late to it? I’m just one man!), and while all of them have some great, mind-altering avenues to adventure down, Hollowfonts’sXLVIII (that’s 48 for you non-Romans) is the cream cream of a creamy crop. (That came off a lot grosser than I intended.)