Decoder premieres Isabella video

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve no doubt caught wind of Montreal’s Daniel Leznoff and his lucid, kosmische synth guise Demonstration Synthesis. Leznoff has been somewhat of a prolific underdog at this point, having released several tapes on various labels before the year’s midpoint. But his astounding efficiency shows no sign of slowing down, as we’re now given the first taste of DS7, the next release in Demonstration Synthesis’ discography. The lethargic and aquatic tones of “Isabella” cycle through with blithe buoyancy skimming across the sine waves in a lazy river of sound more than surfing through choppy waters. The track hosts a certain mid-90s male melodrama vibe that could soundtrack “Heat” or some other meditatively macho movie but still nods toward the analog bubblebaths of Warp’s dreamier canon along with recent, dark bedroom – or better yet, closet – pop geniuses Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt without the shady backdrop. Check out the video above and head over to Phinery to grab a copy of DS7 for yourself.