Decoder review - Projector Mapping

As of last May, Purr Tapes no longer operates as a label, after having been putting out excellent stuff on tape since 2011. Instead, founder Hunter Peter Thompson has shifted focus to his solo music project Opaline. Projector Mapping, Hunter’s latest release as Opaline, finds him at his very best. Full of cosmic synth layers, tracks like “New Realities” and “Skyocean” create a melodic euphoria achieved through synth-driven lines and blissful tones. That is not to say that it does not have its dark aspects too though; both “Horizon Circuit” and “Restless Architecture” are guided by an obscure note repetition that often comes off as otherworldly, fitting in with the mood-shifting “Value of History” that goes as long as ten minutes. All in all, Hunter’s sound explorations are now deeper than ever before. A truly pleasing listening experience.” Projector Mapping is out now via Phinery.