Decoder review - Somehow Commissioned # 1 (NOISE)

This week Phinery unveiled the first in what promises to be a riveting new compilation series, Somehow Commissioned, with an inaugural noise focus; though they’ve opened things up with a suitably acousmatic set, future installments will explore different genres through similarly prepared collections. Christian Filardo and Angelo Hemsworth head up a small Holy Page contingent among several American contributors — Virginia experimentalist .glia, Portland band Leveret, San Francisco’s Black Thread, and  Greg Gorlen — but a pair of tracks from Berlin based René Margraff and Munich based Anatol Locker ground some of its consciousness elsewhere, offering a shimmering drone excursion and what sounds like the dread perambulations of some ghostly attendant at an extra-terrestrial welding shop, respectively. Leveret and Black Thread close the collection with more drone and textured atmosphere, but elsewhere the “noise” that these artists derive from Phinery’s prompt is an active and sensational presence, as with .glia’s contribution, “Isfahan,” and even Filardo’s brilliant, melody murdering “Catch.” The compilation is free to download, but you can grab a CD-R edition with an accompanying zine via the label’s Bandcamp; the zine is also available to peruse at ISSUU.