Mess and Noise review - Mialle Tapes

– We premiered Lortica’s debut EP SAD LTD back in July, and Alister Hill has now released a proper album under that guise. Maille Tapes sees the Sydney producer as murkily noisy as ever, from the fly-buzzed opener ‘Colour Ks at Sea’ to the blanketing drone of closer ‘Trou De Trou’. Sampling and resampling found cassettes and guitar loops through various pedals, processors, tape recorders and a four-track, Hill makes foggy compositions that at once recall the vast Australian bush (cue field recordings) and a constricting single room. Think of it as a sort of cryptic, fever-dream travelogue. It’s out now for any price digitally via Feral Media and will come out soon as a limited cassette via Danish tape label Phinery.