Weed Temple review - XLVIII

Hollowfonts - XLVIII (Phinery Tapes)

With their simple, minimal artworks and reduced, cold aesthetics the Denmark based Phinery Tapes seem like a welcome ground for all sorts working with the inaccessible. And Michael J. O’Neal, working under the moniker Hollowfonts, has found himself a great niche within the label. The tape is filled with rugged and noisy musique concréte, a mistreated maelstrom of “captured and mistreated” (as the j-card states) sounds. XLVIII would fit as a background noise for Halloween themed party which takes place in an art gallery with popular props (like pumpkins or scarecrows) made into though-provoking, meticulous installations. There are even some mutant techno vibes stemming here and there from the ocean of tape sludge.