PH005 Andrew is Tired - Crowd Control

by Andrew is Tired

Andrew is Tired is back with his second album Crowd Control after releasing Drift/Shore on Holy Page in 2013. I am truly very honoured to be able to release this beautiful and unique piece. Andrew's style is very recognisable and his colourful compositions continues to amaze me. After listening, relistening and then listening some more, the album still sounds as fresh and new, as if was the first encounter.

The album consists of 2 long improvised jams. The sound is a stunning combination of acoustics and digital. Both hazy and bright, but just when you thought you figured it all out, he will gently shock you, as if to regain your attention. This will be the perfect soundtrack for your warm sunny afternoons, early autumn evenings, dark winter nights and then again spring mornings. In other words, music to suit every occasion, music that will make your day just a little better.


Recorded in 2013 at Metropolitan Arts Institute 
Artwork by Jan Willem van Welzenis