PH008 Citrus Glaze - Distractions

by Citrus Glaze

“Distractions” is the debut EP from my new sound project, Citrus Glaze. I constructed these tracks in early 2014, shortly after relocating to Upstate New York. For the past five years, I have spent time living and working in cities up and down the East Coast of the United States. The sounds on this album are inspired by my time spent in those cities, as well as the desire to travel and explore. Each track features an evolving beat mixed with different original electronic sounds and loops. 

- Alex Bender (Citrus Glaze)


releases 29 September 2014 

Sounds by Alex Bender. Recorded in 2014. 
Thanks to my family and friends. Special thanks to Ryan Bender for providing vocals and guitar on Abercorn. 

Art by Dx Px