PH009 Head Dress - Warren

by Warren

This album consists of four unique and very sophisticated sound pieces. All recorded in one single session back in 2011, then mixed and mastered for this stunning collection. The beauty and balance in these sounds is overwhelming. Minimal compositions full of depth and captivating brightness with something gloomier lurking just below those unsettling surfaces Head Dress creates. Warren has become quite the addiction for me, as I'm sure it will for you.


releases 29 September 2014 

Reanimated synthesizer and DSP. 
Recorded on January 16, 2011 in Providence, RI. 
Mixed and mastered in August of 2014. 
Thanks to AF, KF, RF, AL, & AS. 
Cold fingers and solder fumes. 
Anomalies intentional. 
For my brother. 

Art by Roxana Azar

  • 6:28
    Head Dress
  • 6:34
    Head Dress
  • 9:22
    Head Dress
  • 4:56
    Head Dress