PH011 MOC - Shine

by MOC

It's taken Anatol Locker and Wolfgang Schmetterer almost a year to finish this album. It's almost impossible to categorise what they've achieved with a genre, but it's very obvious that they've spent their time wisely. Inspired by early horror movies they've collected sounds, mixed them up, put them back together and then added a bit more. It may sound confusing, but with MOC in your ears you're in safe hands. These sounds evolves with every listen, and takes the listener to a journey through dark misty noise, bright string sections, distorted field recordings, beats and ambience.


releases 29 September 2014 

„MOC“ are Munich-based Wolfgang Schmetterer ( and Anatol Locker ( „Shine“ was composed, recorded, edited and produced between 11/13 and 8/14 using u.f.o. equipment, free floating electrons, shortwave radio recordings and lots of tea. MOC would like to thank Benjamin, Bianca and Dario Argento. 

Art by Matthew P. Hopkins