PH013 Lortica - Mialle Tapes

by Lortica

Conceived and recorded in a week following an exhaustive journey through northern New South Wales, Mialle Tapes follows his memories and muddled aftermath in a collection that burrows into immersive calm textures, buried melodies and the filigree of the damaged tape tradition inspired by the likes of William Basinski, The Caretaker and Grouper. Composed according to a series of pre-determined rules that eases him into a semi-meditative state, the ten-track collection utilises field recordings, found cassettes and Hill's array of pedals, processors and prized collection of vintage cassette recorders (including his trusty Tascam 424)


released 22 December 2014 

Written in the first week of 2014 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alister Hill 
Artwork by Tim Ferson 
With thanks to Tim, and the tapes of RG 

Note – 

In response to the great lakes, sand dunes and forests of New South Wales. Once a ritual, a nagging sense of frustration and isolation served these recordings, captured in the first week of the year. Fleeting bodies in memory of the cicada drone. 

Released with Feral Media


"Lortica, the project of one Alister Hill, chaperons the listener on a foggy journey deep, deep down into sink holes of sound. “Mialle Tapes” (ph013, co-released w/ Feral Media) is austere in it’s movements, processing found sounds over ten modest tracks. The pastoral floaters partner up with artwork by Tim Ferson, are cased in a clear red Norelco case, and limited to 75 physical copies."

-Tabs Out