PH014 Demonstration Synthesis - DS15

by Demonstration Synthesis

More synth-explorations by Daniel James Laznoff, a little darker this time around. 40 minutes of pure joy. As always: you know you're in for a treat with Demonstration Synthesis. I'm feeling lucky being able to release yet another album by this genius


released 22 December 2014 

Demonstration Synthesis is Daniel James Laznoff. 
Artwork by Rachael Archibald


"Daniel James Laznoff continues his tenacious outpouring of mesmerizing tones as Demonstration Synthesis, this being his 15th cassette under the name. I’ve heard a lot of DS over the last few months, and this is, without a doubt, my favorite DS out of all the DS I have heard. Not that the other DS is BS. Far from it. “DS15″ (ph014) is just a delight is all. A legion of varying ideas whirl around each other on this C40 in a keyboard fantasy land. PS: The blue norelco cases are beauties."

-Tabs Out