PH016 Ondness - Filho do Dono

by Ondness

After beautiful releases on spectacular labels such as Where To Now? Noorden, Videogamemusic, Metaphysical Circuits & Fort Evil Fruit Ondness is back with his strongest work yet: Filho de Dono (The owner's son). These two pieces are parts of a story, a bigger picture. Let his hypnotic soundscapes and lush dusty tech-beats take you some place warmer. 

"The inherent loneliness in being the landlord's son."


released 22 December 2014 

All sounds by Bruno Silva 
Artwork by Marian Iturriaga


"Rounding out the batch is handsome sounding, and looking, cassette from Ondness titled “Filho Do Dono” (ph016), which either translates to “Filo Dough? I don’t know!” OR “The owner’s son”. You’ve got Google (and a brain), so I think you can figure it out. Bruno Silva, who is behind the controls here, has dished out Ondness on labels like Metaphysical CircuitsFort Evil Fruit, and others, so maybe you are familiar with his cloud of amorphous drone slithering. If not, get with the program. The side-long burners here squirm through a forest, leaves crunching under feet. Moans panning behind the trees. It’s a macabre scene, but what are you even doing out in the forest at night?"

-Tabs Out