Somehow commissioned # 2 front page.jpg


by Various Artists

Cassette Artwork by :
Jan Willem van Welzenis (

 Zine Art by :
Jan Willem van Welzenis (

 Zine Text and Haiku by :
Lindsay Dobbin (

 Poems by :
Catherine Alisa Jones (

 Curated by :
Benjamin Lind Krarup

 Layout by :
Benjamin Lind Krarup


What a group Phinery put together for the second edition of their Somehow Commissioned series?!? So many TMT favorites on here: Karl FousekYlangYlangGolden Living RoomFumitake Tamura (Bun)Mike NigroFDGAyGeeTeeøjeRumLindsay Dobbin, and plenty more.

Limited to just fifty copies, a few of the double cassette and zine bundles are still available for purchuse. Or, instead of helping out these poor, starving artists, you can take three hours out of your day to stream the entirety of the comp below. Yay free music and poor living conditions for artists!

- Tiny Mix Tapes (Chocolate Grinder)