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PH044 Euglossine - Emotion's Potion

by Euglossine

"It was the last conversation I had with Hal. We talked about how he was scared yet excited to travel and be reunited with infinity. I soon started seeing my desires of creation to be part of that same infinity. I was tasting it here, a potion on my lips, still in a human form. It is all a projection and I am still not ready to see the source of the light. In the mean time I will be here in the nexus, planning my journey and being a false architect of that source i can't speak of yet. The flower is a daffodil, the narcissus. Reminder of the ego and the vulnerability we need to be valued." 

- Euglossine


released November 10, 2015

All songs composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Tristan Whitehill in 2015. 

Art by Jesse Osborne Lanthier