Philippe Vandal, WANDA GROUP, UMFANG, Cold Clouds - Four Way Split # 2

by Philippe Vandal, WANDA GROUP, UMFANG, Cold Clouds

Holding fast to their experimental roots, the artists that occupy the roster of Danish cassette label Phinery meld classical influence, the art of field recording and a minimalist electronic wobble which gives them the ability to move around within this synthetic territory without bumping into one another. And nowhere is this more evident than on the label’s “Four Way Split #2,” a series of ragged electrical discharges that are spun from some of the same inspirations but which are completely separate and affecting interpretations of what fuels this atypical collection of musicians. 

Featuring contributions from Montreal noisemaker Philippe Vandal, London-based producer WANDA GROUP, Brooklyn artist UMFANG and Edmonton resident Cold Clouds, this collection veers between a more frigid electronic static and something that seems held together only by the sheer force of its creators. By turns a series of threadbare found sound manipulations, extracted pop meltdowns and burbling electronic catharses, this compilation delves into the subtle layers of sound that Phinery and its associates revel in producing. If you’re looking for proof that reverent and interesting music can exist outside the normal spectrum of most mainstream genres, then these tracks are just what you need.